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Subject: [immateriallaborunion] Pervasive Labour Union Zine #12 - Call for

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The call for submissions for the next issue of the Pervasive Labour Union
zine <http://ilu.servus.at> is now officially open. As it will be the first
regular issue to come out after the name change from *Immaterial* to
*Pervasive*, the theme will be, correspondingly, "Pervasiveness".

*DEADLINE: December 15th *

As I wrote on my explanatory article for issue #11 - "Immateriality":
"(...) smart urbanism, the Internet of Things, self-tracking and
self-quantification devices, productivity apps etc, promise a more
efficient and productive way of life by means of data collection,
management, visualization and analysis. In much the same way that data
collection, management, visualization and analysis allowed us to become
unpaid workers for corporate social networking platforms such as Facebook,
Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Google, whose profits derive from user
data being sold to third party advertisers, these continuous developments
are promising to submerge us in a state of pervasive labour."

Pervasive here refers also to the seemingly non-existing boundaries of this
reality - an all-encompassing body where to disconnect means either great
privilege or a fall into oblivion. With this issue, we hope to explore the
continuities and disruptions afforded by pervasive computing: Whose players
stand to gain the most and what exactly are they gaining? Are there any new
players? In which new (and old) ways can pervasive labour take form? Which
new layers does pervasive data collection add to the already blurred
boundaries between work and leisure? By continuing and expanding the
neoliberal transfer of (economical, social, physical, etc) survival
responsibilities to the individual, how does pervasive computing affect
narratives of community building and organization? How to deconstruct
efficiency within this context? What counts as counter-movement within the
context of pervasive efficiency? And last, but not least: How pervasive is
this reality?

We will be needing:
- Texts (max. 1000 words). Texts can range from satire, theory, poetry,
propaganda, educational etc. to personal rants;
- Images (illustration, photo montage, photography, etc.);
- Any other creative interventions that you might consider fit with the

You can submit your contribution to lidia.pmr en gmail.com or nikos.vv@
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